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Need for Course menu link when custom startpage is set

When you create a custom start page for the Course, there is no menu link option to navigate you back to this custom page (the custom homepage link of the Course). 1 of 2 possible solutions could solve this. Please refer to the picture.

  1. Insert the name/link of the custom page in the Course menu, right after the Course name menu item and to the left of the "Overview" menu item. Then the suer have a visual navigation option to get back to the custom start page.
  2. Activate the Course name menu item, so it becomes a link to the custom start page. 

Of course if you dont use a custom start page, the "Overview" menu item gets you to the activate start page. But this basic navigation option has to support custom start pages too.

The lack of such a "back to custom start page" navigation option inside each room breaks fundamental rules of web site design. And it confused the users of a Course using a custom start page, since they dont have the option to return to a top page without having to find the Course in the global menu and click on the course name again. Its counter intuitive and tedious navigation wise.


  • Henrik R. Jensen
  • Nov 8 2019
Country DK
Category Access and navigation
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