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Sort all questions based on relative score, see statistics on learning objective

I would like to see statistics for all questions in a test, and be able to sort the question based on relative (or percentile) score. I also want to sort learning objective based on mean relative score of all question attached to it.

Example: A learning objective has four questions attached to it in a test. The opjective is given a score which is the mean of the four relative scores of the questions. Learning objectives may be sorted based on this value.

Today you can only see statistics for a single question at a time, only mean score but not relative score, and you cannot in any way sort questions based on a single parameter. You can not see statistics on learning objectives. You cannot see statistics for many questions at once.

Relative score and sorting would be helpful for analyzing distribution of difficulty, judge need for customized training, and discover "broken" questions.

The screenshot under shows a medium sized test, and demostrates how cumbersome it is to get an overview with the current design. All 31 questions has their statistics in a separate page. Going through all questions demands almost half a hundred clicks and page loadings. Problems with single questions can be discovered in such a manner, but systematic problems (a sub-chapter is tested only with easy questions, for examaple) are difficult to discover and require separate statistics by hand.

  • Frank Helle
  • Apr 8 2016
  • Future consideration
Country NO
Category Grading and assessment
  • Nov 15, 2016

    Admin response

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for your idea and feedback. The #1 priority for the test tool is now to finalize a shareable, mobile version. When this is done we’ll look into other needs, like your request :-)  Please follow our roadmap for the latest statuses:

    We are planning to make enhancements to the statistic options in the new test tool, but we’re not there yet. I'll promis to pick up your input when time comes. 


    Best regards

    Henning Gjellesvik

    Product Manager

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