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Login into App unhelpful and unnessesary

Why am I being logged out of my itslearning app automatically? What is the purpose of an app anyway (compared to a website) if you have to log-in every time? The times if memorising login names and passwords are over, so I have to consult my laptop every time, which makes no sense. I receive message notifications and I cant read anything when logged out. Please change this quickly,  because in general its quite cool to stay in touch with the school so closely. Peder, parent, using iPhone.  

PS: Even to write this feedback, I had to login elswhere, not wirh username but with email this time. What R U doing?!?

  • Peder Iblhe
  • Sep 19 2019
  • Already exists
Country DE
Category Mobile app
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  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    27 Nov, 2019 10:03pm

    Hi Peder, sorry to hear you’re experiences this. We’ve not built the app to log you out, it’s built to keep you signed in so you can e.g. receive push notifications. Since this is not a generic problem please see if it helps to delete and reinstall the app. You can also reach out to the itslearning support or contact persona at your school, they should be able to help you. Please get back to me if they can’t help you.

    I’ll tag your idea as “already exist” since I’ve not had reports about this happening to other iOS/iPhone users. Hope you understand.

    Last but not least, please let me try to cheer you up with a sneak peek from our-not-yet-published roadmap for 2020: we’ve been piloting a Parent App and based on feedback from parents we’ll tweak it a bit and release it next year (hopefully during the spring).