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Connecting events to plans - default should be none when there is multiple events at the chosen date.

We are experiencing an increased load at our Helpdesk due to the default setting being 'all events' when you are connecting an event to a plan on a specific date (which then has multiple events).


We would suggest that the default setting in this instance should be an inactive 'Choose one' text, and that 'All events' should be the last option in the dropdownlist instead of the default option.


This is a really small fix, but one that would make alot of difference for us. When the teachers accidently chooses the default 'All events' then the other teachers can't connect their events to their plans before finding the mistake and removing it.


Since you already have the markup done with identifying wether or not there is one or multiple events, then i'm guessing it would only take 3-5 lines of codes to implement this.


So a quick and easy fix with big positive impact for your customers.

  • Preben Pedersen
  • Sep 11 2019
Country DK
Category Scheduling & planning
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