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Entries from inactive calendars should not appear in the Events box on the main dashboard

Many of us are passive members of several courses. We need to have access to the courses, but for various reasons we do not participate actively, and far from all information from these courses is relevant to us. If there are many calendar entries in such a course, that may fill up the calendar with irrelevant entries, but this problem is easily solved by deselecting these calendars. Then the calendar itself only shows calendar entries that are relevant, and one can easily select and deselect calendars, depending on current needs.

The Events box on the main dashboard and the mobile app, however, still seem to show all calendar entries. Due to this, the calendar entries that are useful for other course members create chaos in the Events box of the passive users.

As an example, my calendar for today based on the calendars from my selected courses is empty, but my Events box and my app show 12 entries that I do not need to see. If an interesting entry had been among these 12, I could accidentally have missed it among all the others.

The Events box on the main dashboard should definitely have the same option as in the calendar (to deselect calendars), or it should be automatically linked to the selection made by the user in the calendar itself.

  • Kristin Ravndal
  • Mar 30 2016
Country NO
Category Scheduling & planning
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