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Test tool - be able to use the same list option several times

I use the make a test function quite often. Sometimes I make grammar tasks and the students should for example choose either a or an in front of a noun. I would like to insert a text with blanks where the students could choose between these options several times. If each alternative can only be chosen once, that limits the degree of difficulty in a test.

  • Annelen Stenbakken
  • Mar 29 2016
Country NO
Category Content creation and management
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  • Kristin Ravndal commented
    March 29, 2016 08:22

    If I have understood you correctly, this is already possible.

    If you blank out all the "a"s and the "an"s in a text used in a "choose from list" question, every blank will end up having two options - "a" or "an", and both options can be used in all blanks. You can even let every correct answer be e.g. "a", and then add "and" as an incorrect alternative. Then the students really have to think, since they probably do not expect the same correct answer to be required every time.