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Connecting minor competancy aims to superior competancy aims


I have to list the competancy aims we are working with on two levels, the superior level, which consists of the official competancy aims which the students have to be tested on, and the minor competancy aims which are smaller competancy aims that are our working goals in class. These minor aims are often much more specific and understandable for the students themselves. I would like to be able to connect these minor aims to the superior ones. Today, I feel like I have to invent new minor aims all the time because it is difficult to keep track of them. I would love it if I could import the superior aims(læreplanmål) when I want to create minor aims (opprettede mål) and then make a sublevel to each superior aim. Sometimes the superior aim can be used as a minor aim as well. It would be fantastic if all of these minor and superior aims could be exported and be used to evaluate our local teaching plans. 


I am sorry that this was posted twice, but I was not able to choose the correct country the first time.

  • Annelen Stenbakken
  • Mar 29 2016
Country NO
Category Curriculum management
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