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Having an option to edit one course and the changes will appear in all of your other courses.

If you have multiple courses with the same competence aims and curriculum, it would be useful to create a “master course” that you make changes in (i.e. adding content, creating tests, giving homework etc.) and all the changes appear in all the other courses.

How it works: First, you create a master course. Then, you select subordinated courses that will follow your master course. For instance, if you teach history in four different classes, you can create a history master course. Whatever changes you do in this master course will automatically be copied to all the subordinated courses. With this option, we can ensure that all the students have access to the same content. Additionally, you would also only have to make changes once.

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  • Aug 26 2019
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Category Curriculum management
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    Henning Gjellesvik commented
    August 26, 2019 14:43

    Hi, it’s possible today 😊.

    An existing course can be made a template course under Course – Settings - Course properties and features. When you create a new course just select ‘Based on an existing course or a template’.