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Make the 'Add' button in the course-menu optional for customers

At the University College of Absalon we use 'Plans' with subjects and everything that has to be available to the students, has to be available in plans. 

The 'Add' button in the course-menu is a nuisance and creates confusion for our teachers as resources and activities added through this button, goes straight to the courses 'Resources' at root level.

That button is of no use to us (and probably everyone else who uses Plans), and only cause confusion and frustrations. It is true that some customers might not use Plans and only work in the resource-archive, however it would be greatly appriciated if those of us who is incorporating as much of itslearnings functionalities as possible, would get an option to atleast remove this, and make it more intuitive for our teachers to use, along with minimizing mistakes made by the teachers.

  • Preben Pedersen
  • Jun 12 2019
Country DK
Category Access and navigation
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