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Students schedule and select assignments/tasks

Itslearning assumes, that teachers assign tasks and assignments to all or individual students with a certain due date. So far there is no consideration of a feature which allows students to choose tasks from a pool of tasks and /or to set their own schedule of finishing those.

This option is central to integrated schools in Germany.

Let me be a little bit more precise: As an example, we provide our students with 20 assignments for 5 subjects each. But only 6 out of 20 tasks need to be finished after 3 weeks. Therefor the students can choose which task to do at what time. When using the feature task-list, about 100 tasks with the same due date appear. This is very confusing to our students and hence not useable. The same problem applies to the feature of calendar.

The following functions would be helpful:

  1. After the teacher has set a due date, the students should be able to set an individual earlier due date to this. This trains the student’s ability to set and stick to own schedules. Moreover they can see in the calendar which task was planned for which date.
  2. The teacher can define how many tasks/assignments a certain student needs to do from a certain set of tasks/assignments. This could be solved by linking every task/assignment with a “tag”. At another point the used tags will be shown and the teacher defines the number of tasks covered by this tag. Hence the teacher is able to assign a certain number of tasks to a certain student or students can choose one out of two tasks linked to one tag.
  • Jan-Peter Braun
  • May 3 2019
Country DE
Category Scheduling & planning
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