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Planner elements on the course dashboard should be organized by end date or teacher should be able to decide order

I like to have some plans in my planner that are open through the whole school year, or at least for longer time spans, while we also go through other topics/plans. They may contain tasks that are useful for the students to work on inbetween regular lessons or if all compulsory tasks are finished.

These plans will therefore have an early start date and a late end date. Now, they appear on top of the list of active plans on the course dashboard, due to their early start date. Logically, however, they belong at the bottom of the list, as something the students move on to working on only if the rest of the plans are finished.

If I had to choose, the plans open on the dashboard should therefore be organized by end date.

The best thing, however, would be an opportunity to decide the order of the plans.

  • Kristin Ravndal
  • Mar 10 2016
Country NO
Category Access and navigation
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