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The possibility to exclude tasks from appearing on the main dashboard

When I add a task, test, etc. to a course, it is automatically accessable through the students' main dashboard. This is not always practical. It is important that the students actually enter the planner (or the course itself, if I do not use the planner) to look at the resources I have provided before starting to answer tests and doing other activities. Now I far too often find students struggling with tasks that they should have waited to do. If they had taken the time to actually enter the course first, they wold have seen the information in the planner and been able to use the appropriate resources before testing their skills. Online courses particularly suffer due to this problem, but it may also be a challenge in ordinary classrooms.

Also, if I choose to add many smaller tests/activities to a course, they end up on the same list as the important hand-in that the student should be reminded of through the dashboard. All the tasks, big or small, may be compulsory, but while one may be really important to be reminded of,  others may be more flexible and only contribute to confusion when seen out of context.

Therefore, there should be an option to hide elements from the main dashboard when we add content to courses. 

  • Kristin Ravndal
  • Mar 8 2016
  • Not selected for implementation
Country NO
Category Content creation and management
  • Apr 13, 2016

    Admin response


    This is possible by leaving the elements inactive, although that is maybe not quite what you are after. Since we are striving to simplify the usability of itslearning, adding even more complexity to the way tasks and elements are displayed is not something we want to do.

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