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More student profiles

It would be really useful to have an extra one or two student profiles (System Admin, Admin, Teacher, Student 1, Student 2, student 3, Observer etc". For establishments that have different student cohorts, for example HE, FE and Apprentices. There can sometimes be a need for the students to see "Cross establishment information" such as snow days, but a need for students to then see specific things in relation to their "profile". The ability to differentiate between student profiles would be really useful for adding links to the top toolbar - HE students would be able to see the "HE Only content" as it were, but when FE students log in, they would be able to see the "FE content" as links in the toolbar, and the same for apps. This would save students having to see messages that do not apply to them, and allow for a more tailored / personalised approach to the VLE.

  • Ellis Taylor
  • Feb 15 2019
Country UK
Category Administration
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  • Daniel Nuttall commented
    February 15, 2019 10:46

    You are already able to do this in the platform Ellis. ;0)