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Built in Annotations

Our teachers are working up the SAMR model but most are still in the substitution phase. A game changer would be in platform mark up and annotation tools.  We are a 1:1 iOS district and really need to have the ability to markup and annotate in all platforms whether documents are pdf, MS Office, or GSuite. Google classroom has a markup tool in platform and there are a growing number of 3rd party LTI that would give up this option. Integrating the markup and annotation tool within the assignment interface would allow teachers and students to utilize a streamlined workflow. Currently, for .pdf documents, our students are at the least 8 clicks from the download (google conversion for pdfs is not functional for most worksheets) upload and open to annotation app export, and turn in.  Elementary and junior high teachers are telling us that they will not use the assignment platform and only a few are using it in high school. We know that teachers and students will be best served by converting content materials to Learning Paths and Google documents as well as changing the pedagogy but change moves slowly. This is a MUST HAVE in my district.

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  • Feb 5 2019
Country US
Category Content creation and management
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