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Provide a simple App


The app is a great help to all of us. As the number of features increases, there are several users that cannot install the app because of their mobiles (they are too old). On the other hand these useres wouldn't need the whole app, but only some basic features like:

  • messagener (incl. push messages and notification about attachments, download on the older mobile device is probably not required)
  • calendar integration
  • receiving notifications about updates in their courses (even links are not required)

This is something like a Black-Board-App with quite limited functionality, just right to the core of communications.

I thought it might be possible to provide a "reduced twin" of the app with reduced requirements (like Android 4.x or even older).

Thank you,


  • Thomas Nawrath
  • Jan 9 2019
  • Not selected for implementation
Country DE
Category Mobile app
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  • Thomas Nawrath commented
    10 Jan, 2019 06:40pm

    Thanks. It was worth a shot.

  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    10 Jan, 2019 02:32pm

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for sharing your idea. I understand what you mean perfectly well, and to me personally I have had the same ‘issue’ with Pokémon Go…Iast year I had to by new phones for my kids, so they could continue to play their favorite game (with me 😉).

    The itslearning app is already supported on what can be considered rather old devices in the current tech age. The minimum requirements for our app are:

    Android 4.4 (released in October 2013) – current version is 9.0

    iOS 9.0 (released in September 2015) – current version is 12.1.2

    As an example, Google no longer supports Android versions older than 7.0.

    Priorities are always hard, and this time I must admit that we’re not planning on developing a simple app that can run on older devices.