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As is now, it is not possible to post in my courses through the mobile app. For me, this would be one of the great benefits with having the application, that I can communicate with my students via It's Learning, but still not having to actually sit down at my computer. For now, the only thing I use the app for is the messages function, which is great. 

  • Martin Olsson
  • Dec 13 2018
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Country SE
Category Mobile app
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  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    28 Sep, 2019 12:01am

    Earlier this year we increased the native capabilities of our mobile app – we focused on bulletins. Teacher can now add, update and work with bulletins while on the move or off-line. Teachers will now see all bulletins in a course, not only from the last 30 days as before. We added the same filters/options in the App as you find in the web version: current/scheduled/expired. Teachers can create bulletins with text, resources or an image.

    Bulletin creation options include:

    • Add image(s)

    • Add resource(s)

    • Enabling and disabling student comments

    • Scheduling

    Once a bulletin is posted, the teacher can:

    • Edit the content of the bulletin

    • Enable or disable comments

    • Delete the bulletin

    • Turn off notifications

    To add a bulletin, the teacher can select the "+" button in the top right corner of the app.

    Student users can view all bulletins posted by teachers under the "Bulletins" option in the course menu. If enabled by the teacher, students can interact with bulletins by commenting in the app.