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Search - choose which courses to search and where the item is found

Search function currently searches all courses and doesn't tell you which folder the item can be found in (just which course).  Would be improved by

1. being able to choose the course/s to search in

2. list which folder the found items are in on the course/s


3. when you click on the search result  - currently the file etc opens, but the menu showing the folder structure doesn't - if the folder structure was shown, when the file opened - you'd know where it was

  • Laura Brunning
  • Dec 4 2018
  • Planned
Country UK
Category Access and navigation
  • Attach files
  • Admin
    Henning Gjellesvik commented
    12 Dec 12:34

    Hi, thanks for sharing 😊

    To make it easier for users to find a resource, we are now introducing search for course resources. Users will find a clickable drop-down list displaying their search results.

    This will be included in the next itslearning update in approx. one week.