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The ability to choose whether or not parents can see the 'Completed' tasks tab

As it stands, parents can see both the Active and Completed tasks. However, not all parents understand the assessment statuses or marking turnaround times and will, therefore, try and use the Completed tab against tutors. There are also cases where parents will use whatever they can to attack tutors as a means of deflecting from other issues e.g. deliberately taking their child out of education without authorisation. Therefore, it might be beneficial if we could use something like a course properties option to determine whether or not we show this tab to parents.

Using parent accounts has many benefits but a lot of tutors seem put off by the fact parents could grill them or cause distraction by misusing or misinterpreting the Completed tab.

  • Kyle MacDougall
  • Nov 30 2018
Country UK
Category Parent access and communication
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