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Make Peer Assessment a separate activity

Peer Assessment is a great tool.  However, it is unclear when the assessment is available for peer to assess.  It is not available immediately after deadline but hours later.  Therefore, teachers are not able to do the peer assessment until the next day or the next time they have class with the students.  Also difficult because students can not turn in after the deadline which will exclude them from the peer activity since they can not turn in.  It would be better if the peer assessment was a separate activity and created on-demand.  Teacher gives an assignment, when the class is ready to peer assess, or when everyone has turned in assignment, teacher goes to assignment, eliminates anyone that is not participating in peer assessment (like absent students) and selects "create peer assessments"  Peer assessments are created immediately and students can begin working.  

  • Jennifer Holmes
  • Nov 29 2018
Country US
Category Content creation and management
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