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Select a different role for a teacher under hierarchy synchronization

It would be great if there was an option to give a list of teachers under hierarchy synchronization the possiblity to change there existing teachers role to a student role, to get only read options on a subjet. Now you need to create sepparate subjectgroups for them or modify the permissions of a subject for the teachers role. It would be easier when you could directly select a custom role for a teacher under hierarchy syncrhonization. See my enclosed print screen to get a picture of what needs to be changed in the current environment.

The reason why we want to use this functionality, is because we have general subjects with a lot of teachers inside of it. Not all teachers may have access to modify something is a specific subject. We have for example a subject with schedule changesannouncements for the teachers. Only the employees of the planning need to have the rights on this subject.

  • Jens de Vries
  • Nov 27 2018
Country NL
Category Content creation and management
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